Travel Health Insurance – who needs it?

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Do You Need Travel Health Insurance?


Travel insurance | mljinsurance.comThis is the million-dollar question. And, ultimately, it’s a personal decision.  Plenty of people travel without travel health insurance.   It is easy to get caught up in the mindset of “that won’t be me” when it comes to considering the worst-case scenario.

YES. Everyone should carry some type of travel health insurance when traveling out-of-country.

Just like those other essentials you bring with you on a vacation — things like your toothbrush, clothing, etc., — you want to consider travel insurance being an essential you don’t leave home without.  It just takes one mishap to ruin not only a whole vacation, but possibly a lifetime.

Why? Because life happens. And it doesn’t always happen on your terms, despite your best-laid plans and preventative measures.

Sure, getting a little banged up and bruised from a rough ride down a river on a raft might not be a big deal. But what if that time out in the sun costs you a third-degree burn that needs treatment? Or you get a cut and it develops into a nasty infection? Or your tour bus crashes? Or you contract a deadly disease? Or require medical evacuation after breaking your leg from a fall in a climbing accident?

These things do happen to travelers from time to time; and they could cost you not only a lot of money, but it could also ultimately cost you your life.  Without travel health insurance, you’re taking a very big risk.

Knowledge Is Power:  Arm yourself with the knowledge of what type of travel insurance you need

The term travel insurance is commonly used to describe a few different types of insurance. It can sometimes be confusing for new travelers. Travel Health Insurance is coverage for accidents, injuries, and hospital visits while you are away from home. This is just one of many varying types of travel insurance that you want to consider having in place while traveling out-of-country. It is important to know what different kinds of coverage are offered by different types of travel insurance plans. Not all plans are created equally.

Travel Health Insurance |

In our subsequent blogs we will be reviewing different types of Travel Insurance available, such as Travel Accident Insurance, Travel Medical InsuranceTrip Protection Insurance, and the sub-categories of Travel Insurance that fall under such plans.

Insurance companies that MLJ has experience with are as follows:

  • IMGlobal has a wide assortment of travel insurance policies that will limit your financial and health risks, as well as some great travel tips.
  • Another Insurance Company we trust to provide Travel Health Insurance is HTH Travel Insurance:
  • HTH has a worldwide network of hospitals and doctors that have contracted not to charge HTH policyholders. They expect full payment from HTH, which has always happened in our experience. then HTH bills the insured if any deductible payment is needed.

Our viewpoint that travel health insurance is essential is based on experience. At MLJ Insurance, we are ready to assist our clients in avoiding the risks of purchasing the wrong type of travel insurance or having no insurance while out-of-country. We are also in the business of supporting you in making your health a priority.

We encourage you to visit our page for additional information on how to contact us for an individual quote for travel insurance at MLJ Insurance.

Happy Travels!!


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