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Explore our recommended plan options that are designed to meet the needs of your business as well as employees and their families. MLJ Insurance can help you and your employees save money, improve productivity and attendance, and boost satisfaction and retention.

“Small Employers” in Colorado must employ an average of at least one but not more than 100 eligible employees. Colorado’s small group health insurance has five fully-insured companies offering plans. In addition to fully-insured group medical insurance, there are also Level-Funded and PEO options for small groups.

To be eligible for benefits, an employee must work a minimum of 30 hours per week but an employer may choose to set that requirement higher. For enrollment eligibility purposes, insurance carriers require proof of payroll from the employer.

Small employers typically contribute at least 50% or $125 towards each enrolled employee’s monthly premium. An employer is not required to contribute financially for any dependents should they be allowed to enroll in the group benefits. All small-group policies begin on the first of the month.

Federal law regulates the Large Group Market or employers with more than 100 employees.  Colorado’s large group health insurance has seven fully-insured companies offering plans. In addition to fully-insured group medical insurance, there are also Level-Funded and PEO options.

Large employers may be medical underwritten but cannot be denied coverage due to medical conditions.  Rates are based on the demographics of the employees along with industry, business location and medical underwriting (if requested).

Large group carriers tend to require at between 50-75% of the eligible employees to enroll to meet participation.  Large group employers must offer dependent coverage for children only (not spouses).  There are no set rules for employer contribution but the employee’s portion must be ‘legally-determined’ to be affordable.

Ancillary and Worksite Benefits for Employees

Your employee benefit package may not be complete without exploring additional options to secure the health and wellbeing of your employees. This additional coverage is known as Ancillary Benefits, and they can be part of your Employee Benefits Program.

These plans help employees manage unexpected health care costs that medical plans might not cover and can be customized to meet the specific needs of your business and employees.

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