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Before making any decisions about purchasing an insurance plan…

It’s important to make sure that your plan covers your preferred doctors and providers.  Navigating through the insurance world can be challenging.  Below you can find instructions on how to look up providers and prescription information for the following companies: Anthem, Bright Health, and Kaiser Permanente.  If you have any further questions or need assistance, feel free to contact us at any time.

Please note these search tools only apply to Individual plan offerings, and the results of any search is not definitive. Doctor and facility contracts may change at any time throughout the calendar year.

Anthem health insurance Colorado

How to make sure your doctor is in network if you are an existing member with Anthem:

  1. Go to Anthem
  2. Under Search as a Member, enter your Username and Password or ID number and hit the “continue” Botton. 
  3. Select Medical Professional
  4. Then select specialty
  5. Enter your location and hit “search”

How to make sure your doctor is in network if you are searching as a guest:

  1. Go to Anthem
  2. Scroll down and Under Search as a Guest click on ‘Search by Selecting a Plan or Network’
  3. Then select the drop down “Medical Care”
  4. Answer the State
  5. Select the network name in the plan you are enrolled in or deciding to enroll in:
    • Pathway/Pathway X Network
    • Mountain Enhanced/ Mountain Enhanced X Network (Do not use any of the plan/ network lists that have metallic levels indicated.)
  6. Enter your doctor’s name at the next screen and type in your location, then click ‘Search’
    • For a PCP search for the Pathway network or Mountain Enhanced networks, check off the “Able to serve as “Primary Care Physician (PCP)” box before clicking “Search”.
    • You will find the 6-digit PCP ID listed under the doctor’s name.

How to make sure your drugs are covered:

  1. Go to Anthem Pharmacy Information
  2. You want to scroll down to the Select Drug Lists (2018) and choose the Colorado Select Drug List (Searchable) for 2018. Be sure to choose the link for Colorado under the section that applies to Individual Plans.

Note: Your cost for a drug usually depends on what tier the drug is on. These lists group drugs into tiers, so find your drug, note the tier it’s in. Typically, the higher the tier, the greater your cost. Choose the list for Colorado.

How to make sure your doctor is in network:

  1. Go to Bright Health
  2. Type Provider or Facility name and click ‘Search’

How to make sure your drugs are covered:

  1. Go to Bright Health Prescription Coverage
  2. Download document and do a search

Kaiser health insurance Colorado

To review the qualified physicians in your area:

  1. Go to Kaiser Permanente and click ‘Doctors & Locations’
  2. Choose a Region or enter your ZIP Code
  3. Search by entering a Doctor’s name

How to make sure your drugs are covered:

  1. Go to Kaiser Permanente
  2. Under ‘Health & Wellness’ tab, click ‘Drugs & Natural Medicines’
  3. Click ‘Covered Drugs’ under Formulary
  4. Click ‘Find out what drugs are covered in your area’
  5. Select ‘Colorado Marketplace Formulary’

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