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“I have no doubt that without Mary’s help, I’d still be uninsured. I had been without health coverage for several years and had been told repeatedly that a chronic condition would likely disqualify me for an individual policy. When I contacted Mary, I fully expected to be informed that a high-risk pool was my only option—an option I knew I couldn’t afford. But Mary was willing to work with me in spite of the unique challenges of my situation. She guided me each step of the way through the research and application process, an initial denial, and a complicated appeal. Her patience, persistence, expertise, and encouragement throughout what was a lengthy, complex, and often frustrating ordeal made all the difference.

I’m deeply grateful to Mary and her team for their professional, knowledgeable, and caring approach, and for their commitment to helping me secure affordable major-medical coverage.”

 -Jennifer Lonas

Colorado Springs, CO
Individual Health Insurance Client for less than a year

“Mary made the complex process of choosing health insurance simple and understandable for us. She quickly grasped our unique needs as a business in search of group insurance. She not only helped us examine options we were interested in, but suggested options we didn’t know we had. We ended up with a policy that suits us perfectly, even though she did all the work. We will use MLJ again if our needs ever change. Thanks, Mary.”

All the best,
Tim & Erin Healy

Colorado Springs, CO
Small Group Insurance Client for 2 years

“Mary Heidbrier made the whole process of choosing a health plan so much easier for us. Since we’re self-employed and have pre-existing conditions, it was overwhelming — and time-consuming — to talk with insurance companies. Once we started working with Mary, we no longer had to deal with long hold-times, talking to reps who didn’t know us, and trying to understand complex policies. She found the best options for our situation, gave us the pros and cons, and made a recommendation that would work for us. She also proactively updated us on changes in regulations, and ensured that we locked in our rates for as long as possible. Mary even contacted our insurance company on our behalf when a billing mistake occurred, so that we never had to deal directly with them. The issue was resolved immediately with no worries on our part.

We highly recommend Mary to help anyone find the right insurance policy for their needs. You will not only get great advice on your insurance choice, you’ll get outstanding service on an ongoing basis, whenever you have a question or concern.”

-Beth and Tony Lipscomb

Wellington, CO
Small Group Insurance Clients for 3 years

“Having pre-existing conditions and being self-employed made my search for health care a daunting task.
My situation left me feeling hopeless and overwhelmed at what I thought were only a very few options available.
Mary Heidbrier was able to explain the carriers and packages available, and offer me not only affordable solutions, but solutions that are cost-effective and valuable to me and my family.”

-Rob Kurtz

Boulder, CO
He is a Small Group Insurance Client and his family is an Individual Insurance Client

“Mary is very professional and knowledgeable as an insurance broker. She has many certifications from classes and updates in her industry. She works very well with her clients and has the highest integrity.”

-Becky Chappell

Louisville, CO
Purchased Health Insurance for her daughter

“We have enjoyed working with Mary to meet our insurance needs.  She is extremely knowledgeable and hard working. What we have appreciated most is how she takes our individual needs into account.  She has been very conscious to provide us with the best coverage for the lowest price.   Since insurance shopping can be an overwhelming task to say the least, she has helped us to shift through all the paperwork to find what will work best for us.  She does not constantly try to promote new plans.  However, when we had concern about rising premiums, she was quick to search for and provide a solution.  Since my husband is self-employed, she obtained a policy to provide additional coverage for accidents.  This has already proved to be a wise investment. When we have a concern, she is quick to help us to answer it.  

To sum it all up, we trust her advice and value her as an insurance broker.”

 -Ryan & Antonia Kelly

Lakewood, CO
Individual Health Insurance Client for over 7 years

At MLJ we assist employers to build a benefits package that keeps premium costs low by using high-deductible health plans and supplementary policies that provide more comprehensive coverage of medical expenses. Following is a testimonial from a Small Group who implemented our recommendations for their benefits package:

“Not sure if you knew this but Mark broke his leg in October – we just received our check from Colonial for the accident insurance and it covered all of our bills with the exception of $21.00 – so thank you again for your recommendation.”

-Stephanie Snyder

Westminster, CO
Superior Medical Supply, Inc.
Small Group Insurance Client for over 6 years and counting

“Mary is exceptional at her business as a health insurance broker. She is knowledgeable and caring, helping her clients find the best product for their specific situation. I recommend Mary 100% of the time when I have a client/friend/family member looking for health insurance; there is nobody better!”

-Callie Mitchell

Broomfield, CO
American Family Agent has referred clients for over 7 years