Having pre-existing conditions and being self-employed made my search for health care a daunting task. My situation left me feeling hopeless and overwhelmed at what I thought were only a very few options available. Mary Heidbrier was able to explain the carriers and packages available, and offer me not only affordable solutions, but solutions that are cost-effective and valuable to me and my family.Rob Kurtz
It has been our pleasure working with Mary over the last several years. She is extremely knowledgeable, professional, efficient, and is always readably available. we highly recommend Mary for any of your insurance needs. She has been a valuable asset to our company.
Raquel Mulkey, Cow Wagon Express
Thank you Mary. You have been outstanding to work with and I can’t even imagine the time and effort involved on your part to stay current with the continuing changing climate of health insurance. 
I’m always happy to be a reference for you. Your help over the years has been invaluable navigating the crazy world of health insurance.
Matthew Gibble, LMT Raining Faith Massage
I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with Mary and her team at MLJ Insurance. She brings significant experience and expertise to a difficult sector for us to manage. Throughout the continuous changes in the health care sector, she has consistently responded to the changes with solutions that support our employees and meet our budget. With Mary involved, I know that the needs of our organization are being prioritized and that we are in good hands.
Thank you for all that you’ve made possible with us, Mary.
Seth Ehlrich SOS Outreach
Thank you for your support of SOS and the impact of our programs!  I greatly appreciate your dedication to the organization and what you’ve made possible for us over the years. Your awareness of our needs is a primary reason that we’re so content with your services and impact. 
Thank you so much for taking one of the more painful aspects of moving and making it as painless as possible. The time you took with us made us feel like we have the best solution possible!
Doug and Killian
MLJ Insurance Services has provided our family with excellent customer service. We have received superb advice from Antonia Kelly and others on the MLJ team not only regarding our own specific needs but also with ongoing updates and news pertaining to new laws and other industry developments.
Griffith Kundahl
I referred a patient who was struggling to identify an insurance plan that he could purchase and would enable him to see his Boulder Medical Center providers to MLJ insurance last week and he called me to report an “excellent” experience.  Said your team make it effortless, and that everyone was nice and polite.  He recommended we continue to give your name out to patients.  So thank you!!

Thank you for your excellent service to the community!!!
Maurene Flory

Thank you again for your expedient service. I feel terrible for those who are under served or marginalized, as they do not have the understanding to advocate for self or directive on where to do. Live contacts are rare. Most often referred to automated phone systems or computer communication only to get lost in the tree of referrals. For this and many other reasons, I am grateful that Blake and I have you, our advocate. Thank you so much. It is not often you find someone who goes above and beyond and completes there promise. Again I thank you.Judi Rogers
MLJ Insurance has provided significant support to SOS Outreach and a quick response to any questions that we have had through our insurance transitions. Given the new complexities of health insurance, we appreciate having someone we trust to work with. Seth Ehrlich, SOS Outreach
Earlier this year the Individual Sales Specialist at MLJ helped me make an informed health care insurance decision before any Health Care Reform law policy information was available. By working with MLJ I was able to lower my 2013 monthly premiums and was able to keep my policy so it is grandfathered under the new law. MLJ is continuing to follow up and provide me with the information I need to understand the new law, identify plan options (both inside and out of the Marketplace) for which I qualify. MLJ is my individual healthcare insurance policy partner who just happens to be a healthcare insurance broker! Marty Maus
Outstanding customer service. If something goes wrong, they make it right and they do so quickly.JEFF PORTER
We have enjoyed working with Mary to meet our insurance needs.  She is extremely knowledgeable and hard working. What we have appreciated most is how she takes our individual needs into account. She has been very conscious to provide us with the best coverage for the lowest price. Since insurance shopping can be an overwhelming task to say the least, she has helped us to shift through all the paperwork to find what will work best for us.  She does not constantly try to promote new plans. However, when we had concern about rising premiums, she was quick to search for and provide a solution. Since my husband is self-employed, she obtained a policy to provide additional coverage for accidents. This has already proved to be a wise investment. When we have a concern, she is quick to help us to answer it.

To sum it all up, we trust her advice and value her as an insurance broker
Ryan & Antonia Kelly

Mary is exceptional at her business as a health insurance broker. She is knowledgeable and caring, helping her clients find the best product for their specific situation. I recommend Mary 100% of the time when I have a client, friend, or family member looking for health insurance. There is nobody better!
Callie Mitchell
Mary Heidbrier, founder of MLJ Insurance, is absolutely incredible to work with. She cares deeply about her clients and works so hard to find the best health insurance solution for their personal situation. Their office has helped my family out tremendously – especially this year, when I suddenly found myself without insurance. Mary worked with me to find the perfect solution. I can’t recommend her highly enough. Don’t try to maneuver your way through the health insurance industry without her!REBECCA BLACKWELL
When a friend heard we were having trouble finding the right insurance for our circumstances, and also having trouble signing up on the Connect for Health Colorado, she recommended we find an agent/broker to help us. In fact, she recommended Mary Heidbrier with MLJ Insurance Services, who had previously done a great job helping her. After our first 5 minutes on the phone with Mary, we knew we had found the right person to help us. She really listened to what we wanted, and quickly suggested policies that would meet our needs. Thank you, Mary, for helping us when we needed it, and helping us navigate the system. We highly recommend Mary and MLJ to anyone else needing assistance with health insurance. The O'Neals
I’ve worked with Mary as a peer and as a client. Mary and her staff have never disappointed. They are very knowledgeable and service‐driven. With all the uncertainties around health care I would highly recommend MLJ insurance.
Julie S., Benefits Support for Financial Advisory Firm
You are one of the nicest most knowledgeable agents, always on top of the latest changes, and always happy to help.  I recommend you highly whenever I run into someone who is looking for assistance with their insurance.
Alessandra Downey, Group Administrator
We can’t thank you and your team for all the work you have done, on our behalf, over the last 8 years.  You are appreciated more then you know.  We recently sent some clients your way.  They too, are very impressed with your services. Thank you!
S M Barnes