5 Reasons Why Using an Agent is in Your Best Interest

  1. An agent is paid by the insurance company from the money you pay in premium. Therefore, it is a benefit you pay for, whether or not you use it!

  3. The most important “benefit” for you to have in today’s challenging health care environment is peace of mind.Many different people with many different health care needs benefit from having an insurance agent. You can be one of the millions of Americans represented by a licensed professional, whose concern is to act in their clients’ best interests.

  5. There are constant, dramatic changes in the insurance marketplace. These changes make the professional insurance advisor’s role increasingly important to businesses and individuals in finding cost-saving measures and coverage options. That is an insurance advisor’s role-to have the knowledge & expertise needed to know how those changes affect you. This frees up you to take care of items that you have knowledge & expertise on, such as caring for your business or family. An agent provides and services insurance products while educating and advising you on how to manage risk and make informed insurance choices.

  7. Benefits are critically important, but the options available to you are also incredibly complex. Health care coverage protects both a business and family’s finances. Purchase the wrong health care coverage, and the consequences are very significant. Remember, if you buy health insurance directly from the insurance company, there may be no advisor to explain benefits, no advocate if problems arise and no counselor to help you make the right coverage choices. If you use an agent you have your own advocate to assist you at all times.

  9. A local agent has a tie to your community, to building a business respected by your community. They pride themselves on being a resource for their community in many ways not just health insurance. This gives you a ‘neighbor’ who cares about you and your business/family. They want to see you succeed. Their reputation is valuable to them and they want to provide the best possible service to keep it untarnished.

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