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Advantage 3 Tier Buck Slip

90 Now Voluntary

Collaborative Care Doc

Make Mental Health Top of Mind

Facets Behavioral Navigation Client Guide Flyer

Cigna Digital ID Card

Effective 7/1/2023 Cigna began transitioning to Digital ID cards which will replace physical ID cards. Please note, if there are members that still want a physical ID card, you can request physical medical ID cards through myCigna.com; through your employer; or by calling Cigna Customer Service and following the IVR prompts to request an ID card.

Cigna Facets One Guide Team

Cigna Member Choice 90 Now Rx

Members that currently have either CVS or Walgreens as their anchor pharmacy and will renew with their current anchor. However, now each individual member has the option to choose either CVS or Walgreens as their anchor. Historic reporting will be used to determine if, at the individual level, the member has been utilizing a pharmacy that is different than the client anchor. If so, Cigna will align those individuals with that pharmacy network initially. The member does have the ability to change their anchor pharmacy. Once an individual selects their anchor, that particular customer will also need to fill their 30 day or 90 day supply scripts at the anchor pharmacy.

Cigna Member Choice Journey

Cigna One Guide benefits

Cigna SaveOnSP

Specialty Pharmacy

Telehealth Connection with Behavioral Health

Vaccine Doc

Vaccine Pharmacy Directory

Virtual Care MDLive- All Services

Virtual Care MDLIVE – When to Use It

LocalPlus IN

Medical Vaccine Program Customer Pharmacy Directory

Mobile Launch

myCigna.com Registration Steps

OAP In Net Only

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