You Don’t Have To Use An Agent To Get Health Insurance

But, using an agent is in your best interest. Here’s why…


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~ Many local agents have strong ties to your community and are a resource beyond health insurance. At MLJ, we want to see you succeed. Our reputation is valuable to us. We want to provide the best possible service to keep it untarnished.

~ An Agent is your advocate with the insurance companies. We are here to act in your best interest to make sure you are aware of all the options that best suit your situation and your budget.

~ Agents are paid from the money paid in premiums. Whether you use an agent or not will not affect you premiums. It is a benefit you pay for, even if you don’t use it!

~ Health care coverage protects both a business and family’s finances. The vast majority of bankruptcies include medical bills that are the result of health insurance policies with gaps in coverage, deductibles or co-pays that are too high, or medical services that are not covered. We are here to advise you about managing risk and making informed choices.