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noviembre 12, 2020

Should I Use a Broker for Health Insurance?

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In these unprecedented times, many people, including employers and Medicare clients, are trying their best to use their resources wisely and may hesitate in enlisting help since this typically comes with a price. However, rest assured that using a health insurance broker will save you time and money.

A broker simplifies the process for you by finding health insurance that fits your needs and since Colorado requires brokers to place the interest of the client first, you know you are getting the best option. They will investigate your specific situation and help you sift through the many options; finding the healthcare plan that is compatible with the needs and budget of your company.

There are two types of brokers: Independent Brokers who represent several Insurance Companies versus Captive Agents who represent one Insurance Company. At MLJ we believe we can represent our employer clients’ interests by working with several insurance carriers enabling us to further customize your plan.

How do we connect with you, especially in this time of COVID-19? MLJ has always been an agency that operates well with technology. We use a shared calendar so that our office staff can set time for our brokers, so you know you have their undivided attention. We use phone appointments, Outlook calendar invites, emails, and our quoting software to get information from and to our clients in HIPAA-secure formats. We also use webinar features for our presentations, to discuss plans and present Open Enrollment options. We have state-of-the-art online portals for our employer and Medicare clients, as well as a secure file sharing server.

Did You Know?

  • Insurance brokers are licensed and regulated by the State.
  • Insurance brokers meet ongoing education requirements like that required of other professionals such as lawyers and accountants.
  • Insurance brokers many times complete additional coursework which include college level courses.
  • Health insurance brokers are not employees of health insurance companies. This means that the broker will not place the insurance company ahead of your companies needs or budget.
  • Insurance brokers are paid from the money you pay in premiums. Therefore, it is a benefit you pay for, whether you use it or not.
  • Certification with the marketplace requires that brokers take a course study and pass exams.

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